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Healthy families are happy families JUICERS NEW ZEALAND and JUICERS AUSTRALIA Low speed, cold press juicers - from JUICERS NEW ZEALAND

Healthy families are happy families!
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Watch how efficient the Angel Standard Juicer 5500 is at juicing (with Vegetable Screen fitted)
3.22 minutes

Easily juices Granny Smith Apples and Cabbage with the Vegetable Screen.
1.07 seconds

Juicing watermelon with your new Angel Juicer (5500, 7500, 8500s)
1.00 minute

Juicing soft fruit e.g. pineapple with the Vegetable Screen is not recommended.
Instead, use the optional Soft Fibre Screen which is designed for most fruits.
56 seconds

Assembling your new Angel Juicer (5500, 7500, 8500s)
Note: since February 2011, a Silicon Ring is fitted between the Base and Housing Screen
44 seconds

Angel Juicer on Channel 9 News - February 2014

Angel Juicer Clinton Smith of Perth Raw Foodies and Miss Universe finalist Kirsten Clemens share their excitement about the healthy benefits of 3 day juicing fasts, saying that aside from detoxifying, people are sleeping better, losing weight, have more energy and feeling a lot more alive;
Angel Juicer Emma Groves, a Dietitian from the Australian Heart Foundation, warns that: 1) juice fasting is NOT healthy, 2) is just a fad and 3) really recommends that you do NOT do these fads i.e. 3 day juice diets / fasting!

Submitted by Nemara Hennigan, who is very happy with her Angel Standard Juicer 5500 juicer
August 2014 - 3.28 minutes

Your body is the most important real estate that you will ever own!

You are what you eat... Juice juice it!
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